Types of Kurtis and Styling Tips

A Kurti and Kurta are pieces of upper garment that are worn by men (Kurta) and women (Kurti), for formal and informal events. How you style these Kurti’s and Kurta’s can make a huge difference and make or break the outfit, falling flat. Below, I have listed out 5 of our personal favorite Kurti styles and styling tips. Note: These are mere suggestions

1.      Tail Cut Kurtis- View here.

These Kurtis make a fashion statement, which explains why they are popular. They are asymmetrical Kurtis, except longer in the back, and can bump your style instantly.

Occasion – Parties and special occasions.
Goes With – Leggings, Jeggings – anything full length.

2.      Flared Kurti – View here

These Kurtis are flared and elegant that can be worn at work or daily wear. It is the hemline that opens on both sides, that adds bounce to the outfit, making them an attractive choice.

Body Type – Tall women, pear, round and triangle shaped body types.
Avoid If – you have a round body type.
Occasion – Office, college, daily wear.
Goes With – Leggings, jeggings – anything full length.

3.      Kaftan Style Kurti – View here

The design of this Kurti allows you to camouflages that prefer to be hidden (if any). These Kurti’s are a stylish choice and can be worn at formal occasions

Occasion – College, daily wear.
Goes With – Leggings – full length.

4.      Printed Kurti – View here

These Kurtis are beautiful as you will not find the same two pieces as the prints vary from block, kalamkari, to digital prints to name a few. You can never go wrong with any of these styles as there is one for every choice and body type.

Occasion – You can wear printed kurtis practically anywhere. Pair them up with rich and embroidered dupattas to wear them to parties.
Avoid – Matching printed tops with printed bottoms
Goes With – Leggings (any length), dhoti pants, palazzos, jeans, jeggings – practically everything.

5.      Double Layered Kurti – View here

These Kurtis are your regular straightcut or long kurtis, with the exception of an additional layer, that add a definition to the dress

Body Type – Any or all body types.

Occasion – Party wear or office, depending on the fabric and work on the kurti.

Goes With – Leggings.

Our next blog will be of what makes up an Indian Outfit for Men and women

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