The Sari Series

India is a land known for its rich culture and diversity. To date, India comprises of 29 different states and 7 Union territories. These states house 22 major languages that are written in over 13 different scripts with a greater amount of dialects.Given the diversity, it is not a surprise to note that the clothing varies throughout India resembling its unique region. 

Knowing these facts I began to research of all the different regions and how they differed. I found something that was ever more intriguing and revolved around the epitome of Indian clothing "Sari" and the different ways to wear a "Sari".

During the same time, a wonderful customer who walked in store brought my attention to "The Sari Series" (I would like to thank her for bringing this valuable piece of information to my attention!). This series was created with two objectives by one of which is "to create an accessible and comprehensive cultural documentation of India's sari drapes through short films", and the second to: "address a needed perception shift of the garment from being a required resource, to  a point of view. 

Upon researching, I found that the producer & Creative Director, Malika Verma Kashyap, wanted to acknowledge a garment invaluable to India's social, economic, and aesthetic cultural landscape that got her to create "The Sari Series". 

She traveled all throughout India and the all the different parts throughout the country to learn and document with her team on how to drape Sari's according to region. Throughout the upcoming weeks and year, I will be going through and writing short blogs that highlight some of the many amazing ways to drape a sari. 

Stay Tuned to read more!