How to rejuvenate your old outfits...

All of have something in our closet that we love but do not want to let go of it for whatever reason it may be. Thinking on that topic my mother and I started thinking about how to rejuvenate the existing outfits and brain stormed ideas on how to utilize the upcoming trends in Fashion in Bollywood. 

Everyone had outfits or things they love that they refuse to let go off. There might be a memory associated with it or a special gift from someone. Regardless of the reason there is something that we wish we could use but have not been able to think of a way to utilize it.

If you have a monochromed Indian outfit that you want to spice up, consider adding a colorful dupatta to it. If you do not have a monochromed outfit, consider changing up the style a bit and trying to contrast the outfit with a dupatta as well. 

During my recent trip to India, I found a lot of dupattas, every time I went into the market to shop. These dupattas consisted of array of options: Phulkari work, Cotton, Banarasi Silk, Digital Print, Chiffon, among many other items. Seeing these dupattas, I questioned how I could utilize these. 

At work, I had utilized some as scarfs and others as shawls and drapes but they didn't help solve the problem at hand, which is how to style your ethnic outfits to give them a fresh look. I had used these Dupattas as scarfs at work before and people LOVED them. To this day, I utilize Dupattas as scarfs for winter and to add them as a splash of color to my outfits in the summer.

So, I began to do some research and saw some trends in fashion that were developing. "Old is Gold" is a term I saw while researching.  I saw an examples of how Dupattas work well with mono-chromed and colorful outfits. Which was my favorite pairing. Any outfit that you have can be rejuvenated with adding a color or a different Dupatta to it. An example of this can be seen in the picture uploaded. Therefore, we decided to try something different.

Our recent shipment from India consisted of just that, Dupattas/Scarfs.  If you have been shopping in Indian Markets then you would have seen beautiful embroidered Dupattas that are hung all around the store filled with magnificent colors, and designs that are breathtaking. Mom went shopping to find the pure chiffon, Bandhani, Georgette Duppatas that are handmade with thread embroidery by the locals in India. Also, we got some digital printed dupattas to add to that collection. 

Check out our collection here and pair up your next outfit with these dupattas and let us know what you think!