Palazo Pants - the new trend

There are over 1000 Bollywood movies that are published each year. With each of the movies that are released, individuals go to to not only see the movies, for their story line but also for the change in the fashion that the movies bring, making it the new trend in town. 

The trends that currently persist in India are still concentrated around the movies released last quarter 2015. Fashion trends that have risen out of each of these movies are Plazo Pants in Bajirao Mastani and Piku. These two movies are very different movies but have used the Plazo pants similarly. In Piku, Deepika Padukone uses Plazo pants very casually, with a Kurti.  

This was a turning point in fashion in Bollywood as super tight skinny pants have made their way out and now people are drawn towards a looser, slouchier silhouette. There is a certain swag that can be associated with, not only being comfortable in the clothes ,  giving more of a breathing room to our bodies, which certainly feels great. Also, adding Plazo pants to your wardrobe provides a shift in your dressing style. 

These pants are easier to style than you may have thought. Palazo pants go great with a shapely crop top, tucked in tank top, or Kurti, bringing it a cool and effortless look. So currently, Palazo pants is what is in, and we have variety of Palazo pants available in store. One of our design Specialists will help you design the right outfit for you to ensure you feel as comfortable as you feel in pajamas. Check out the pictures to give styling ideas.  

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