Senior Citizen Fashion Show

For the past month I have been working on what I like to consider my "Special Project" outside of work.  I hope you guys enjoy reading about this post. Please like, comment, and share if you like what you see!

I was approached by the President of IASCA - Indian American Senior Citizen Association -  organization in Columbus - to help organize and plan their event for Diwali which is to be held on 11/13/2016. I accepted the opportunity immediately as this would be a challenge I would enjoy!

"We would like your help and assistance in doing a fashion show with the Seniors. We have seen a variety of your work with all different organizations and we would like to do this for this Diwali, with your help", asked the president 

"What kind of music were you looking for?" I asked.

"Anything new and trendy," was the reply. 

The biggest challenge in pulling off a fashion show is that you need the right type of music. I knew just the right music and it would be perfect for the Seniors to walk and dance too! I began to get excited about the show as a whole. It would be fun and exciting! I ran the music by the Preseident and she loved it - my biggest hurdle was accomplished.

The next thing in line is to work with the Seniors and teaching them how to walk the ramp. I decided that  what would make a lasting impression is to have them be themselves when they walk - it would be cute and adorable. I mean how many times do you see Seniors pulling off a fashion show. Having them be themselves brings in the originality and personality to the show. They would just need a little nudge to have the choreographed walk down the ramp.

This project that started off as a fun project turned ended up being fun indeed. At the end of the 4 practices that we had, I taught the Seniors how to walk the ramp with their originality and uniqueness. At the last practice, they made me proud. They looked amazing walking down the ramp and they were having fun! That is all that I cared about and what mattered to me at the end of the practices.

Our "Diwali" show is scheduled to be 11/13 at the McCoy Center at 6pm. Come check out our finished product and trust me, you will not be dissapointed. 

Neena VComment