Fashion Week Volunteering

Many people do not know Columbus, OH is considered to be # 3 for the Fashion Industry. This is primarily because we are the HQ to Limited Brands which houses - Victoria Secrets, Bath and Body Works, etc. to name a few.

Something that was started here because of Columbus being a fashion hub is "Columbus Fashion Week." This was started about 6 years ago in Columbus was founded by a person named Tommy McClure.

The intention of Fashion Week is to recognize and support the local designers. It allows for the talent in and around town to be brought out and in front of people. 

I had the opportunity with my friend to help with volunteering at Fashion Week. We helped out at the Finale Event. 

This was the first of a kind as I had never done that. The Fashion industry intrigued me and scared me at the same time. I was nervous about going to this event as I did not know what I was stepping into. But I was excited as well as this was the most legit event that I would go to. 

My goal with Volunteering at this event was to see how we can improve with Arne Boutique. I wanted to see how different their fashion show was from the one that I have been at and helped with managing the event. 

During and after the fashion show I realized that there were many similarities and a few differences with the fashion show at fashion week. The most significant difference(s) were that of with the music and the western clothes. 

The music here consisted of beats and only beats compared to the one at the India Festival. Indian fashion shows include a mixture of beats and words, we used a combination of beats and words for the fashion show we did in August of this year.  I personally like the beats better but the type of music that you choose for the show is dependent on the crowd and the event where you are performing. 

The second significant difference was the styling of the clothes and the clothing that was presented. It was very different and western, which was expected. I liked a lot of the designers and their work presented. I truly got to see the fashion side of Columbus. 

Overall it was a pleasant experience I enjoyed every bit of it as it opened my eyes to a different side of fashion.My hope was to learn and improve what we can before we pull off another fashion show in 2017, which was accomplished with this fashion week finale event!

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