Fashion Week Volunteering

Many people do not know Columbus, OH is considered to be # 3 for the Fashion Industry. This is primarily because we are the HQ to Limited Brands which houses - Victoria Secrets, Bath and Body Works, etc. to name a few.

Something that was started here because of Columbus being a fashion hub is "Columbus Fashion Week." This was started about 6 years ago in Columbus was founded by a person named Tommy McClure.

The intention of Fashion Week is to recognize and support the local designers. It allows for the talent in and around town to be brought out and in front of people. 

I had the opportunity with my friend to help with volunteering at Fashion Week. We helped out at the Finale Event. 

This was the first of a kind as I had never done that. The Fashion industry intrigued me and scared me at the same time. I was nervous about going to this event as I did not know what I was stepping into. But I was excited as well as this was the most legit event that I would go to. 

My goal with Volunteering at this event was to see how we can improve with Arne Boutique. I wanted to see how different their fashion show was from the one that I have been at and helped with managing the event. 

During and after the fashion show I realized that there were many similarities and a few differences with the fashion show at fashion week. The most significant difference(s) were that of with the music and the western clothes. 

The music here consisted of beats and only beats compared to the one at the India Festival. Indian fashion shows include a mixture of beats and words, we used a combination of beats and words for the fashion show we did in August of this year.  I personally like the beats better but the type of music that you choose for the show is dependent on the crowd and the event where you are performing. 

The second significant difference was the styling of the clothes and the clothing that was presented. It was very different and western, which was expected. I liked a lot of the designers and their work presented. I truly got to see the fashion side of Columbus. 

Overall it was a pleasant experience I enjoyed every bit of it as it opened my eyes to a different side of fashion.My hope was to learn and improve what we can before we pull off another fashion show in 2017, which was accomplished with this fashion week finale event!

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Senior Citizen Fashion Show

For the past month I have been working on what I like to consider my "Special Project" outside of work.  I hope you guys enjoy reading about this post. Please like, comment, and share if you like what you see!

I was approached by the President of IASCA - Indian American Senior Citizen Association -  organization in Columbus - to help organize and plan their event for Diwali which is to be held on 11/13/2016. I accepted the opportunity immediately as this would be a challenge I would enjoy!

"We would like your help and assistance in doing a fashion show with the Seniors. We have seen a variety of your work with all different organizations and we would like to do this for this Diwali, with your help", asked the president 

"What kind of music were you looking for?" I asked.

"Anything new and trendy," was the reply. 

The biggest challenge in pulling off a fashion show is that you need the right type of music. I knew just the right music and it would be perfect for the Seniors to walk and dance too! I began to get excited about the show as a whole. It would be fun and exciting! I ran the music by the Preseident and she loved it - my biggest hurdle was accomplished.

The next thing in line is to work with the Seniors and teaching them how to walk the ramp. I decided that  what would make a lasting impression is to have them be themselves when they walk - it would be cute and adorable. I mean how many times do you see Seniors pulling off a fashion show. Having them be themselves brings in the originality and personality to the show. They would just need a little nudge to have the choreographed walk down the ramp.

This project that started off as a fun project turned ended up being fun indeed. At the end of the 4 practices that we had, I taught the Seniors how to walk the ramp with their originality and uniqueness. At the last practice, they made me proud. They looked amazing walking down the ramp and they were having fun! That is all that I cared about and what mattered to me at the end of the practices.

Our "Diwali" show is scheduled to be 11/13 at the McCoy Center at 6pm. Come check out our finished product and trust me, you will not be dissapointed. 

Navratri - Everything about it

Navratri is a festival dedicated to the Goddess Durga. The word 'Nav' - means nine and 'ratri' - nights in Sanskrit, which literally translates into 9 nights of worshiping Durga. There are 9 forms of Durga that are worshiped during the 9 days of Navratri.

Navratri is an occasion that is celebrated all over India but may be celebrated in a different manner. Primarily Navratri is celebrated by fasting for 9 days and breaking the fast on the 10th day which is referred to as Vijyalaxmi or Dusherra. Also, in the northern part of India Dusherra is celebrated as it is said to be a victory of good over evil.

There are a total of 5 Navratri’s that happen in a year however, the one that occurs right before Navratri is referred to as Sharad Navratri – or the Maha Navratri (Great Navratri).

In the Northern part - Punjab, Navratri is celebrated by fasting for 7 out of the 9 days. On the eight day, the fast is broken feeding young girls (not married), who are considered and treated as goddesses.

In the east, particularly the state of West Bengal, the last four days of Navratri are celebrated on a large scale known as Durga Puja. This is the biggest celebration in the east. This consists of worship of handcrafted and handmade clay idols of the Goddess Durga. These idols are worshiped for five days and immersed in the river on the fifth day.

In the state of Gujarat, Navratri is celebrated with the dance of “Garba” which is performed every night after Pooja (prayers). It is the most popular one as it involves Garba and Dandiya.

In Maharashtra, during Navratri an earthen pot is filled with water and surrounded by clay in which food grains are sown and sprouted for the 9 days. This earthen pot is referred to as ‘Ghat’ Women worship the pot for the 9 days. After the 9th day, Ghat is dissolved and the leaves are taken off the grans before dissolving the Ghat.

In Tamil Nadu, people set up steps and place idols on them, this process is known as golu. In the evening hours women in the neighborhood invite and visit each other to visit their homes to view the golu displays. They exchange gifts and sweets.

Please note, that what I have stated here is based upon my understanding and research. If something is miss-stated, please correct it by commenting on this blog as my knowledge is limited. I will correct it.

My next post will be about Garba and Dandiya and the derivation of the terms and the dance.

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Fashion Show in 8 Days and 4 hours of practice

On Wednesday August 10th, there was a meeting held for the Executive Committee for the Annual India Day Festival that was to be held on August 20th. I am part of the Executive Committee for India Festival and play various different roles in the committee. This was meant to standard meeting with updates regarding what is going on with regards to the presentation for the festival. and it was meant to be a standard meeting until mid meeting when we got faced with a challenge that was not anticipated - "We would like for Arne Boutique to perform a fashion show for the India Festival to be held in 10 days", said the president and the Events chair for the India festival. I did not commit to it at the moment asked but asked for 24 hours before I provided them a answer, because pulling off a fashion show is not as easy as you think, you are faced with a lot of challenges: Recruiting, Planning, Music, Choreography, Hair, Makeup etc. to name a few. 

I conversed this idea with the same team that planned the Fashion Show last year and we arrived at the conclusion that it is difficult but not impossible to pull this fashion show off. The next step is solve the challenges that we would face and everything to be done in 9 days as 10th day would be the big show!

Day 1-3: The Recruiting and the Music Prep began

An e-mail was sent out to get feelers on who would be able and willing to participate in the fashion show this year. Also, Columbus Ohio is a hub for Fashion due to the large clothing industry being presented here - due to which we reached out to the contacts we had to get models for our Indian Fashion show. There was hard core recruiting that went on for three continuous days.  At the same time I got my friends assistance to pull together music while corresponding with all other parties involved. At the end of 3 days we had 20 mins of not finalized music and a full team of people about 23 girls and 12 boys making up 35 people. 

Day 3-6: The co-ordination of practice and ordering of clothes

In order to pull of a quality product it is important to have the best designs that are currently trending to be showcased. We had some patterns like that however not all which is where we decided to order more clothes. This was the biggest challenge that we faced as we did not have enough time but the list of tasks kept increasing each day. About Day 4 we got the clothes selected and ordered from India and expressed shipped. Everything set to be arriving on Day 8. 

While this was going on the co-ordination of practices began as we found a choreographer who had worked with us before. Our expectations were made clear with the Choreographer and the goal of this fashion show. Our Choreographer was very accommodating and understood where we came from. We decided to have 3 practices and 1 dress rehearsal. A total of 6 Hours of Practices.

Days 6-9: Practices

Once our practices started, it was more of a roller coaster than you could have imagined. We had about 35 people, combination of females and males, that got together for the show. Managing 35 people was a challenge, but what made it more difficult was the fact that there wasn't much of a plan. This is something that was the most difficult thing for me as I like a plan but I had to just wing it due to the lack of time availability. 

There were many preparations that needed to take place before the practices started the stage had to be marked, snacks and water was arranged for the participants. 

First practice was coordinating the people in groups and teaching them how to walk. The primary purpose of this years show was to put something that gets us noticed and does the marketing for the store. Also, thee was the mock music that was played so that everyone got used to the practices and the walking.

Second practice consisted of the music changing, people dropping out, and finding replacements. Alterations of clothes began for the people that did not drop out. During the initial practice feedback was given that the music needed to be more upbeat, and therefore the changing of the music occurred before the second practice.

By the end of the second practice the participants got acquainted with the music and when each individuals needed to walk, with the 20 mins of music and performance we needed to provide. 

Third practice consisted of groups finalizing and co-ordination of all types of walk in one and the Final Dress Rehearsal. All the participants for the show were present on the day of and the choreography, music and the plan all came together as one. 

Day 10: The Big Show!

The day of the show everything came together and the show was loved by everyone involved. The feedback we received was positive and the show was a success. 

The pictures from the day of the event will be published shortly! :)


“Sometimes less is just less and more is definitely more”

While catching up with some things going on in the Arts arena, I read this quote and it instantly caught my attention. The primary reason being in the simplicity of the quote and how it says many things (hidden and direct) without the use of many words. This quote can be translated into many different aspects, but the context in which it was used was with regards to the Indian Design. 

A Swiss designer, Ariana Pradal, was the one who used this quote. When asked the question what is it about India that you find the most attractive and this is what she had to say, which I found very interesting: 

"... This simplicity is very deep in our roots. So when we look to Indian design we are overwhelmed by the colours, the ornaments and the richness in it. We are not used to design in such an opulent way. And I think we have to learn to use this richness again. For a long time, we thought less is more. But sometimes less is just less and more is definitely more..." 

If you really think about just that statement, it is very valid. The outfits are rich in design, ornate, and opulent. The outfits are rich in design, ornate, and opulent. There is a lot of use of simple colors in all different types of outfits that comprise of the Indian fashion industry, but the way the colors are presented at all different occasions is what makes the difference.

I would like to see your thoughts on this topic. Please feel free to comment and share on this blog post. 

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India Couture Week

This week I learned about India Couture Week, thanks to Vogue-India, held last week from July 18th - July 22nd. This years show was something else. The trends in the fashion are different but yet the same. The items that are showcased were Men(s) sherwanis, Kurtis, and Lehengas. The materials used and the colors were all over the place and rich as the culture, ethnicity, and diversity, that comprises of India. 

The concentration of the designs primarily gold and stone work. The embroidery  concentration is around peacocks, palaces and feathers.

My favorite item from this show is the red dress that is indo western and my style. 

Click here to view some of the fashion trends and style that can be utilized by you.  

Click here to view the pictures from the Show!

Skirts and Kurti - how to pair them

Today I would like to talk about the various different ways one can wear Kurtis, Skirts, and Wraps etc. As Indian  women there are many different outfits each for its own separate occasion.  Kurti's is something that can be worn in formal or semi- formal depending on how you wear them.

Kurtis can be worn with traditional leggings, skirts, palazo, salwars and much more. Currently, the fashion in Bollywood primarily consists of Kurtis are paired beautifully with long skirts. The Good thing about Skirts is that it is just as comfortable if nor more than sweats.

Skirts are trendy in fashion and amazing when you pair it with the right  Kurti or vice-versa. If you have a printed skirt, a nice solid color kurti with just the right amount of embroidery would look simple, sophisticated and the perfect amount of ethinicity.

If you are not a fan of wearing long Kurti's, Skirts are well paired with Crop top and a Jacket on top. It would provide you the right amount of Indo-Western. 

If you like what you see on the website, one of our design specialists will help you design the right outfit for you to ensure you feel as comfortable as you feel in pajamas. Check out the pictures to give styling ideas.  




Palazo Pants - the new trend

There are over 1000 Bollywood movies that are published each year. With each of the movies that are released, individuals go to to not only see the movies, for their story line but also for the change in the fashion that the movies bring, making it the new trend in town. 

The trends that currently persist in India are still concentrated around the movies released last quarter 2015. Fashion trends that have risen out of each of these movies are Plazo Pants in Bajirao Mastani and Piku. These two movies are very different movies but have used the Plazo pants similarly. In Piku, Deepika Padukone uses Plazo pants very casually, with a Kurti.  

This was a turning point in fashion in Bollywood as super tight skinny pants have made their way out and now people are drawn towards a looser, slouchier silhouette. There is a certain swag that can be associated with, not only being comfortable in the clothes ,  giving more of a breathing room to our bodies, which certainly feels great. Also, adding Plazo pants to your wardrobe provides a shift in your dressing style. 

These pants are easier to style than you may have thought. Palazo pants go great with a shapely crop top, tucked in tank top, or Kurti, bringing it a cool and effortless look. So currently, Palazo pants is what is in, and we have variety of Palazo pants available in store. One of our design Specialists will help you design the right outfit for you to ensure you feel as comfortable as you feel in pajamas. Check out the pictures to give styling ideas.